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    相关热词搜索:作文 英语 高二 必修 高二英语必修六视频 高二英语必修六单词表 篇一:外研社必修一至选修六 微作文 必修一 Module 1 1.我在一所离县城不远的一处高中上学,它完全不同于我初中的学校(far from;nothing like)。 2.这里的老师热情,对工作态度积极,他们的教学方法给我留下了深刻的印象(enthusiastic;have a possitive attitude towards;method;leave a deep impression on)。 3.老师经常把学生分成几组并鼓励我们相互学习和讨论,因此我盼望着每一节课。总之我喜欢我的学校(divide into;look forward to;in a word;enjoy)。 I study at a senior high school not far from our city,and it is nothing like my junior high school. The teachers here are enthusiastic and have a positive attitude towards their work. Their teaching method leaves a deep impression on me. Teachers often divide us students into several groups and encourage each group to study and discuss,so I look forward to each class. In a word,I enjoy our school. Module 2 1.汤姆喜爱教英语,他对他的学生耐心并且对他的工作严格。他总是确保他的课生动有趣。因此,在他的课堂上没有学生睡觉。(patient;strict;make sure;fall asleep) 2.在他的帮助下,他的学生已经取得了进步。学生们感激他,因他努力工作而尊重他。学生们相信他们能被大学录取。(appreciate;respect;be admitted to) Tom loves teaching English. He is patient with his students and strict in his work. He always makes sure that his classes are lively and interesting. So in his classes none of his students falls asleep. With his help,his students have made progress in English. Students appreciate him and respect him for his hard work. Students think they can be admitted to universities. Module 3 1.去年暑假,我和朋友去爬泰山观光。(scenery) 2.一到汽车站我们就买了一张地图用来查阅。午夜我们开始爬山,三小时后我们爬到了山顶。(upon;refer to;midnight) 3.尽管我们筋疲力尽,但我们很高兴。幸运的是,我们看到了日出,多么好的一次旅行啊!(exhausted;journey) 【参考范文】 Last summer holiday,my friends and I went to Mountain Tai to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Upon arriving at the Taian bus station,we bought a map in case we might refer to it. At midnight we started to climb the mountain happily. Three hours later,we got to the top of it. Though we were exhausted,we felt very glad. And luckily,we saw suise. What a great journey! Module 4 1.这对夫妻结婚一年多了。他们刚刚盖了新房。为了偿还他们的债物,他们来到了广州打工。(it is...since;put up;pay back) 2.这是他们第一次来广州,广州是他们到过的最吸引人的地方之一。(it's the first time that...;attractive) 3.幸运的是他们很快找到了一份令人满意的工作。(fortunately) 【参考范文】 It is more than one year since the couple married. They recently put up a new house. To pay back their debt,they went to Guangzhou to earn money. This was the first time that they had come to Guangzhou,which was one of the most attractive places they had been to. Fortunately,they soon found a satisfying job. Module 5 1.Tom过去常常上学迟到,他的父母告诉他应该努力学习,但是他不听。然而,在他参加一个讲座后,他意识到学习的重要性。于是开始认真学习。(used to;be supposed to;lecture;it is+adj.+to do) 2.他发现他学习越刻苦,越对课程感兴趣。现在他父母为他感到自豪。(The more...the more;be proud of) 【参考范文】 Tom used to be late for school. His parents told him he was supposed to work hard,but he wouldn't listen. However,after he attended a lecture,he realized it was important to work hard,so he started to learn seriously. And he found the harder he studied the more interested he was in his courses. Now his parents are proud of him. Module 6 1.因特网能缩短人们之间的距离。它也能帮助人们学习创造和设计我们喜欢的东西。(shorten;as well,creat;design) 2.然而,它也有缺点。例如,如果你花费太多时间集中精力于因特网,它就可能影响你的学习。(disadvantage;concentrate on;be likely to) 3.一般地说,你上网每天不超过两小时,你应该把它作为规则来遵守。(on average;make it a rule to) 【参考范文】 The Internet can shorten the distance between people. It can help us study as well,create and design the things we like. However,it has many disadvantages. For example,if you spend too much time concentrating on Internet,it is likely to affect your study. On average,you surf the Internet within two hours a day. And you should make it a rule to obey. 必修二 Module 1 1.李华很少感冒,他的健康与饮食和锻炼有关。像很多的男孩子,他迷恋踢足球,并且,他宁愿多吃蔬菜而不吃甜食。(rarely;diet;take exercise;be connected with) 2.他相信,每天吃一个苹果,将远离医生(祈使句+and+陈述句)。 【参考范文】 Li Hua rarely gets a cold. His health is connected with his diet and taking exercise. Like many boys,he is crazy about playing football. What's more,he would rather eat more vegetables than have a sweet teeth. He believes:eat an apple every day and you will keep off a doctor. Module 2 1.汤姆,三班的一个学生,过去沉溺网吧的游戏。(belong to;be addicited to) 2.为了让他戒掉这个坏习惯,他的父母减少了生活费用。而且他们告诉他很可能被学校开除,然而汤姆不愿意听。(in order to;give up;reduce;likely) 3.一天为了弄到钱,他闯入附近的一座房子,然后被捕了。请记住:不要沉溺于网络游戏。(break into;addict oneself to) 【参考范文】 Tom,belonging to class 3,used to be addicted to playing games in a net bar. His parents reduced his living cost in order to let him give up the bad habit. What's more,they told him that he was likely to be fired by the school if he went on like this. However,Tom wouldn't listen. To get some money,he broke into a house nearby one day and then was arrested. Please remember:Don't addict yourself to computer games. Module 3 1.邓丽君,最著名的歌唱家之一,是一位音乐天才(genius)。 2.她一生录制了许多专辑,许多听众对她动人的歌曲印象深刻。并且她对音乐界有深刻的影响。不幸的是她英年早逝,听到她去世的消息,很多人都很难过。(record;audience;be impressed with;influence;lose;having+done) 【参考范文】 Deng Lijun,one of the best-known singers,was a music genius. In her life,she recorded many albums and many audience were impressed with her catchy songs. What's more,she had a profound influence on music field. Unfortunately she lost her life at an early age. Having heard the news that she died,many people felt sad. Module 4 1.那位画家喜欢画花并因此而出名。他日夜观察并画花,从不厌烦。(be fond of;observe;paint;get tired of) 2.他的画受到人们的高度评价,但是一天,为了使他的画更有生机他想采用新的风格,这对他来说是新的挑战,但他相信他的画将更受欢迎。(alive;adopt;challenge) 【参考范文】 The artist is fond of drawing flowers and is famous for it. He observes and paints flowers day and night and never gets tired of it. His paintings are thought well of. But one day,to keep his paintings more alive,he wanted to adopt a new painting style instead of the old one,which is a challenge to him. But he believed his paintings would be more popular. Module 5 1.众所周知,中国已成为世界上第三个把人送往太空的国家(the+序数词+n.+to do)。 2.在2013年6月,“神舟”十号成功起飞。总共有三名宇航员登上此船,包括女宇航员王亚平。在绕轨道飞行时,她在太空中进行了我们国家的首次授课。这是中国航行史上的一个突破。(take off;astronaut;aboard;orbit;in space) 【参考范文】 As we all know,China has become the third country to send man into space in the world. In June 2013, Shenzhou X took off successfully. There were three astronauts aboard,Wang Yaping included. While orbiting,she delivered our country's first-ever video lecture in space,which was a breakthrough in China space history. Module 6 1.她是一位著名的女演员,她主演了很多电影。(actress;star) 2.令我们吃惊的是,在15岁时她在一部以遥远的小山村为背景的影片中扮演了一位女老师的角色。影片中的主角是一位勇敢的女性,她的所作所为为人感动。(to one's surprise;at the age...;setting;brave;moving) 【参考范文】 She is a famous actress and starred in many films. To our surprise,at the age of 15,she played a part of a woman teacher in a film whose setting was in a remote mountain village. The leading character in the film was a brave female and what she did was moving. 必修三 Module 1 1.这个公园,位于剧场的对面,是这个城市最美的风景之一。(located;oppose) 2.与其它公园相比,它有一些独特的特点。就是因为这,自从几年前建成以来一直被很多人参观。(compared...with;unique feature;ever since) 【参考范文】 The park,situated opposite the theatre,is one of the most beautiful sights in the city. Compared with other parks,it has some unique features,and just because of this,it has been visited by a lot of people ever since it was completed several years ago. Module 2 1.这个地区很多人收入很低,他们生活在贫困之中,但他们渴望富裕的生活。(income;poverty;be hungry for) 2.现在政府正在采取措施努力改善他们的生活。(take measures;make efforts) 3.我们相信,随着经济的发展,所有人将过上幸福的生活。(figure;with the development of) 【参考范文】 Some people still have a low income and live in poverty in this region,but they are hungry for a wealthy life. Now the government is taking measures and making efforts to improve their life. We figure that with the development of economy,all the people there will live a happy life. Module 3 1.平均起来,每年都会发生各种各样的自然灾害,甚至有些会出乎人们的预料。(on average;take place) 2.昨天,一场强烈的飓风突然袭击了该地区,导致很多房屋和车辆被毁。甚至有两人被埋在倒塌的房屋下。(violent;strike/hit;cause;ruin) 3.幸运的是,事发后人们及时把他们救下来。(luckily/fortunately;occur) 【参考范文】 On average,all kinds of natural disasters will take place every year,and even some are beyond people's expectation. A violent hurricane suddenly struck/hit the area yesterday,causing the ruin of many houses and cars. What's worse,even two persons were buriedunder the collapsed houses. Luckily/Fortunately,people came to save them from the ruins of the houses after it occurred. Module 4 1.现在越来越多的人意识到了大气污染对健康的影响并为此而抱怨。(have an effect on;complain about) 2.保护环境已成为社会的一个主要关注点。(a major concern of) 3.在我看来,当务之急是强化人们的环保意识。努力工作,赢得保护环境的战役是我们每个公民的职责。(as far as...concerned;it is urgent to...;citizen's duty;campaign) 【参考范文】 Now more and more people have realized that atmosphere pollution has an effect on their health and complain about it. Therefore,protecting the environment has become a major concern of the society. As far as I'm concerned,it is urgent to strengthen people's awareness of environmental protection. And it's every citizen's duty to work hard to win the campaign of protecting the environment. Module 5 1.李明是一所中学的班主任,他胜任他的工作。(be equal to) 2.他总是强调诚实和公正的重要性,这使他成为学校有影响的人物。(stress;importance;honesty;justice;influential) 3.老师们都认为他为学校的发展做出了贡献,为此他们都特别尊重他。(contribution) 【参考范文】 Li Ming is a head teacher in a middle school and he is equal to his job. He always stresses the importance of honesty and justice,making him become an influential figure in his school. The teachers think he has made great contributions to the development of the school,for which they all respect him. Module 6 1.上周,我们班就是否把追溯到500年前的古庙移走建公园展开了讨论。(date back;remove) 2.有些学生认为这样做有道理,因为他们认为只有将古庙移走建公园,改善人们生活的梦想才能实现。 3.而另一些学生反对,认为古建筑应该保护。 4.最后到下班的时候了,学生们不得不终止了讨论。(bring an end to) 【参考范文】 Last week,our class held a discussion on whether to remove the old temple dating back to 500 years ago and build a park. Some students thought it made sense to do so because they thought only in this way could their dream of improving life come true. On the contrary,others were against it and thought the old temple should be protected. At last,it was time that class should be over.So they had to bring an end to the discussion. 必修四 Module 1 1.要想消除浪费资源的习惯,我们必须确切地知道要做什么。(get rid of;for sure) 2.首先,应该开发可替代资源。其次,车辆应该用电能、太阳能或风能来提供动力。(alternative;power) 3.最后,每个人都应重视节约资源。(attach) 【参考范文】 To get rid of any practice that wastes energy,we must know for sure what we should do. First,alternative energy should be exploited. Second,cars should be powered by electricity,solar energy or wind power. Last,everyone should attach importance to saving energy. Module 2 1.天气允许的话,我们下周末就去郊区旅行。(permit;suburb) 2.在郊区有各种各样的植物在展览。(display) 3.安静轻松的环境会给我们带来好心情,并给我们留下深刻印象。(mood;impression) 4.如果你方便的话,可以加入我们。(convenient) 【参考范文】 Weather permitting,we will go on a trip to the suburb next weekend,where there is a variety of plants on display. The quiet and relaxing environment will bring us a good mood. Besides,the environment will leave a good impression on us. If it is convenient for you,you can come and join us. Module 3 1.我们的数学老师特别注重老师和学生间的交流。在课堂上他总是问各种各样的问题,让同学们参与讨论,任何同学都可以举手回答。(communication;various;request;hold up) 2.我们都赞成他的教学方法。(in favour of) 【参考范文】 Our math teacher pays special attention to the communication between the teacher and the students. In class he always asks various questions that he requests his students to discuss. And whoever knows the answers can hold up his/her hand and answer them. In our view,we are all in favour of his teaching method. Module 4 1.对每一个人来说,很显然什么也代替不了母亲的爱和照顾。(clear;replace) 2.简·古道尔(Jane Goodall)的母亲,有许多优秀的品质,在简的研究上她花了大量的时间,后来简成为她所在领域的杰出人物。(quality;quantity;figure) 3.简言之,是因为母亲的支持她才获得成功的。(brief;as a result of;support) 【参考范文】 It is clear to everyone that nothing can replace mother's love and care.Jane Goodall's mother,who has many fine qualities,spent a large quantity of time on her research. Later,Jane became an outstanding figure in her field. In brief,it is as a result of her mother's support that she achieves success.Module 5 1.约翰的爸爸是位商人,他经常同别人做生意。(trade) 2.然而他对约翰的学习要求很严,要求他利用一切时间学习,反对他浪费时间。(take advantage of;be against) 3.在家时,如果他发现约翰作业中有错误,就要求他立即改正。总之,他认为学习非常重要。(spot;view) 【参考范文】 John's father is a merchant and often trades with others. However,he is very strict in John's studies. He requests that John take advantage of all his time to study and is against John's wasting any time. When at home,if spotting any mistakes in John's homework,he will ask John to correct them immediately. In a word,he views learning as an important thing. Module 6 1.研究表明一些动物正从世界上消失。(indicate;disappear) 2.它们濒临灭绝的原因是它们不适应环境,部分原因是人类活动。(extinct;adapt to;due to) 3.庆幸的是,许多人主张政府应该采取措施来保护动物。(Claim) 【参考范文】 Research indicates that some animals are disappearing from the world. They go extinct because they can't adapt to the environment,partly due to human activities. To our relief,a lot of people claim that the government should take measures to protect animals. 必修五 Module 1 1.英式英语和美式英语有很多相似之处,比如:英式英语和美式英语在书写形式上相似。(have...in common;be similar to) 2.但是它们在很多方面也存在差异。所以当美国人和英国人交谈时,他们有时也会困惑,很难理解对方。(differ in;confuse) 3.因此,当我们学英语时我们要了解英式英语和美式英语的不同。(difference) 【参考范文】 British English and American English have a lot in common. For example,they are similar to each other in the form of writing. But they differ in many aspects. When they are talking,they sometimes get confused and have difficulty understanding each other. So when we learn English,we should know the differences between British English and American English.Module 2 1.当我们要申请一份工作时,下面的一些建议是绝对重要的。(apply for;essential) 2.我们应该从事我们感兴趣的领域的工作,不要想当然地认为你会热爱一份你讨厌的工作。我们的工作应该给我们个人快乐。(take up;take...for granted;offer) 3.一旦找到工作,我们要努力,尤其是要尊重同事,并向他们学习。(in particular;respect) 【参考范文】 When we go to apply for a job,we'd better read the following. They are essential. First,we should take up work in a field which interests us. Don't take it for granted that you'll love a job that you hate. Secondly,our job should offer us happiness. Once we get a job,we should work hard. In particular,we should respect and learn from our workmates. Module 3 1.昨天,我看到了一起打架斗殴,当警察赶到现场时,引起了斗殴们的恐慌,许多人逃跑了,但是抓住了几个同伙。(set off;panic;run away;companion) 2.警察警告他们要如实描述事情的经过,不要编造。(give an account of;warn;make up) 【参考范文】 Yesterday I saw a fight. When the police arrived at the spot,which set off panic in the criminals,many ran away but their companions were caught. The police warned them to give an account of what had happened and not to make up anything. Module 4 1.在圣诞节这一天,家人团聚在一起,共进晚餐。人们会穿着漂亮的衣服,拜访朋友。(get together;dress) 2.这个节日是以圣诞树和圣诞老人(Santa Claus)等为标志的。现在这个节日会延续一周的时间,然后才会结束。(be marked with;extend) 【参考范文】 On Christmas Day,families get together for a big dinner. They will be dressed in beautiful clothes and visit friends. The festival is marked with Christmas trees and Santa Claus and so on. At present,the festival extends for a week and then it comes to an end. Module 5 1.在中国这些年交通事故在增加。(on the increase) 2.就在上周我看到了一起事故。(it is...that) 3.一位老人被车撞倒,他想站起身,但是未能。我想很可能是他的腿骨折了。(rise to one's feet;the chances are...) 【参考范文】 Traffic accidents in China are on the increase these years. It was last week that I saw an accident,in which an old man was knocked down. He wanted to rise to his feet,but he failed. In my opinion,the chances were his leg was broken. Module 6 1.许多野生动物正面临着灭绝的危险。我们应该致力于保护这些动物免于被猎杀。(extinction;protect...from...) 2.政府已经决定采取强硬措施对付那些偷猎者。动物的生存环境看起来正在改善。(get tough with;seem+不定式) 【参考范文】 Many wild animals are faced with the danger of extinction. We should give our lives to protect these animals from being killed. The government has got tough with those poachers. Nowadays the living conditions of animals seem to be improving.选修六 Module 1 1.闲聊对于人们来说是人生中重要的一件事,但是很多人可能不知道跟不同文化背景的陌生人或熟悉的人交谈什么话题是“安全的”。(make small talk) 2.为了让闲聊顺利进行,花点儿时间,把经常在闲聊中提起的共同感兴趣的话题列成清单。(make a list of) Making small talk is an important thing for people in life. However,many people may not know what topics are“safe”to discuss with strangers or acquaintances from a different cultural background. Therefore,in order to keep small talk going on smoothly,take time to make a list of common interests that are often discussed when making small talk. Module 2 1.毋庸置疑,奇幻文学在年轻人的生活中起着重要的作用。(doubt;play a/an...part in) 2.在奇幻文学中,年轻人想象自己是英雄,毫不犹豫地去拯救别人,甚至是整个世界。这样可以获得一种成就感。(hesitate;attain) 3.但是,奇幻文学毕竟和现实生活联系不密切。所以年轻人还是应该努力学习。(be associated with) There is no doubt that fantasy literature plays an important part in young people's life. In fantasy literature,young people imagine themselves becoming heroes,saving others even the world without hesitation. Thus they will attain a sense of achievement. But fantasy literature isn't associated with real life. So young people still need to study hard. Module 3 1.我仍记得我们在会上第一次碰面的时候,你给我留下了很深的印象。(the first time) 2.我记得会上所有人都认为你谈到的问题很重要。当你建议如何通过为别人做广告来筹集资金时,大家热烈鼓掌。(mention;raise money) I still remember the first time we met at a meeting. I was greatly impressed by you. I remember that everyone at the meeting thought the problem you had mentioned important. When you suggested how we should do to raise money by advertising for others,all of us burst into warm applause. Module 4 1.音乐是人类的共同语言,人们也可以凭借音乐和任何国家的人进行交往。(draw upon;make contact with) 2.除此之外,音乐能减轻人们的痛苦,使人们放松心情,促进人与人之间的相互理解。(in addition;relieve;relaxed;promote) 3.现在,听音乐成了最普遍和最广泛的消遣方式。 【参考范文】 Music is one kind of common language of human beings. People can draw upon music to make contact with people in any country. In addition,music can relieve people's pain. It can make people relaxed too,therefore,it promotes understanding between people. Nowadays,listening to music has become the most common and universal way of entertainment. Module 5 1.克隆是人们经常讨论的一个话题,克隆人类细胞有可能会找到治愈疾病的疗法并消灭疾病。但是克隆技术仍然处在初级阶段,还有很多科学家不明白的地方。(cure;stage) 2.许多人担心克隆对社会带来的影响。在许多国家,法律禁止克隆人类。但愿克隆给人类带来更多益处!(have an effect on;wish;benefit) 【参考范文】 Cloning is a topic that people often talk about. The cloning of human cells provides the potential to find cures and wipe out diseases. But the technology of cloning is still in its very early stages and there is much that scientists do not understand. What's more,many people fear the effects cloning could have on our society. So in many countries,human cloning is banned by law. We wish that cloning could bring much more benefit to human beings! Module 6 1.虽然人们希望和平,但是许多国家却被卷入现代战争。在战争中,许多人牺牲了。(despite;involve sacrifice) 2.所以,放弃战争的想法,争取和平,献身于世界和平是值得的。(abandon;worthwhile) 【参考范文】 Despite the fact that people are eager for peace,many countries are involved in the modern war. In the war,many people sacrificed. So abandon the thought of war and call for peace. It is worthwhile to devote to world peace.篇二:高中英语《Unit 5 The power of nature》写作专题 新人教版选修6 《Unit 5 The power of nature》 请根据以下提示,用英语写一篇短文刊登在某英语网站上,介绍 “三清山国家公园”的基本情况。 1.三清山国家公园位于江西省东北部,是国家级风景名胜区, 景区总面积达700多平方公里。 2.三清山最高峰海拔高度1,817米,游览区共包含7个景区。 3.三清山以石奇、水秀等自然景观闻名。 4.景区森林覆盖面积达80%以上,交通便利,居住方便,每年吸引数百万国内外游客。 注意:1.不要逐条翻译。可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯; 2.词数120左右; 3.参考词汇:三清山——Mount Sanqing 参考答案 参考范文] Mount Sanqing National Park lies in the northeast of Jiangxi Province and is one of the most famous scenic areas in our country. It covers an area of more than 700- 1 -square kilometers. And it is divided into 7 scenic areas. The highest mountain peak is 1,817 meters above sea level. More than 80 percent of it is covered with trees. The natural scenery is very beautiful. If you go there, you may enjoy the strange stones and the clear water. Both the traffic and accommodation there are very convenient.Every year millions of tourists from at home and abroad come to Mount Sanqing National Park for a visit. Welcome to Mount Sanqing National Park. - 2 -篇三:必修六 作文 必修六 作文 U1 如何写好建议信 假如你是李明,你所在的小区要建一个新超市,请根据下列要点,给设计师史密斯写一封建议信,建议他在设计时,充分考虑残疾人的需要。 要求:1.过道的宽度应该足够允许轮椅通过;,2.货架的高度,坐在轮椅上的人能否够得着;,3.电梯的位置,坐轮椅的人能够容易到达。 1.I’m glad to receive your letter asking for my suggestions about how to appreciate art well. 很高兴收到你的来信,询问我如何很好地欣赏艺术。 2.I am sorry you are having difficulty with your physics classes. 很遗憾你在物理学习方面有困难。 3.I have learned that you have some trouble in learning art and I would like to offer you the following tips. 我知道你在艺术学习方面有困难,因此我想给你提如下一些建议。 4.It is time to take the advice of eating more fruit. 该是采纳多吃水果的建议的时候了。 5.In my opinion,the Great Wall should be protected. 依我看,长城应该得到保护。 6.You should eat food with less fat. 你应该吃脂肪含量少的食物。 7.Why not drink a little,exercise,stop smoking and eat more fruit and vegetables? 为何不少喝点酒,参加锻炼,不抽烟,多吃水果和蔬菜呢? 8.I hope you will find these tips helpful. 我希望这些建议对你来说有帮助。 Dear Smith, design(设计) a new supermarket.Since(由于) you are the architecture(建筑师) of our neighborhood’s new supermarket,there are several suggestions I offer.Our neighborhood(小区) is like a big family and handicapped((残疾的) people in this family deserve(应得,值得) more care from us. Now, let me tell you something about it. ,handicapped people need wheelchair to help them go out,therefore(因此) the width(宽度) of the pathway(过道) should be wide enough to allow passing a wheelchair(轮椅)(抓,拿) goods(货物) convenient(方便的) for handicapped people,the altitude(高度) of the shelves(架子) should not be too high.Moreover(此外),the position(位置) of the elevator(电梯) should be easy enough for handicapped people to reach. All in all, everyone in this neighborhood will be glad for your consideration(考虑),and our neighborhood will become more harmonious(和谐的)(便利). (我希望这些建议对你来说有帮助。) Sincerely, Li Ming 假定你是李华。在一个英文网络论坛上,你看到一个名叫Grown-up的中学生发帖(post)寻求帮助,请根据帖子内容和要求回帖。 Hi,Grown-up(成年人), talk with your mother. As a student of your age,I understand your situation(处境).(The problem you are facing) is common among our teenagers.However anything that may hurt your mom’s feelings.First,talk more with your mom.Heart-to-heart talks(心连心的交谈) help you understand each other better.They are also opportunities(机会) to let her know your ideas and attitudes(态度) toward(朝,向) many things. Second,,proving(证明) to your mom that you are already a“Grown-up”.,such as cleaning,washing and cooking. Hope my ideas will work.() Yours, Li Hua 高考临近,许多家长用金钱、旅游等承诺鼓励孩子努力学习,考上一所好大学。假定你是高三学生李华,请根据所提供的有关信息,给某英文报社写封短信。 内容要点:1.许多家长用金钱、旅游等承诺鼓励孩子努力学习,考上一所好大学; 2.可能会导致学生只关注物质奖励,而减少学习乐趣; 3.一旦获得想要的奖励就失去了学习动力; 4.你的建议。 ,many parents try to encourage(鼓励) their children to study hard and be admitted(被录取) into a famous university.They promise(承诺) that they will be rewarded with(被奖励) things such as money,traveling and so on once(一旦) they achieve the goal(实现目标). However,I don’t think this is a proper(合适的) way.Firstly,it may lead to(导致)the fact that children’s attention will focus on(集中注意力于) such things instead of(代替,而不是) the pleasure(快乐) of studying.Secondly,they may stop working hard as soon as they get what they want. I think a wise way is to make us aware of(意识到)the importance of going to a good university.Besides,we should have much knowledge for our future.What’s your opinion? U2 人物说明文 My Teacher Mr.Moore During my life,I have many teachers,but there is no other teacherwho impresses(给。。。印象深刻) me more than Mr.Moore. Though he is 34,he looks very young for his age.And he’s one of the most popular teachers in our school. Compared with(和。。。相比) other teachers,Mr.Moore pays more attention to(更注意) his way of teaching.He tries various(各种各样的) ways to make his classes lively(活跃的) and interesting.In his opinion,we should not only know“what”,but also understand“why”.So, instead of(取代) giving us answers immediately,he encourages(鼓励) us to think by ourselves whenever he puts forward(提出) questions.With his help(在他的帮助下),we’ve learned how to analyze(分析) and settle(解决) problems.What a wonderful world of “why” he leads us to! He is such a learned(有学问的) person that we all admire(敬佩) him a great deal(,大量,非常). Reading Is Valuable(读书是有价值的) Although(虽然) the Internet is becoming more and more popular,books are still(任然) of great importance to people.That’s why(这是为什么) I love reading books very much. Books are valuable,books can not only help me learn more knowledge,but also With the help of(在。。。的帮助下)books,I have solved (解决)many difficult problems and got out of trouble(走出困境).Secondly,when I feel sad,I can make myself happy by reading some interesting books.Thirdly,books can increase(增加)interest(兴趣) in study and thus(因此) I can get higher marks(得高分)in exams. All in all,I have learned a lot from books,which makes me a better person.Thus I think books are the best gifts God has given to me. U3 假如你是李华,你的朋友Paul写信告诉你学习压力很大,请你给他写封信,给他提一些建议。要点如下: 1.将自己的问题告诉老师和同学,请求得到他们的帮助。 2.不要总想着考试成绩,要多想想自己在哪些方面进步了,这样就会给自己自信。 3.多做运动,运动可以帮助自己缓解压力,并且有助于睡眠。 4.你对他的祝福。 [写作储备] 1.首段:引出话题 ①I am sorry you have had so much trouble in... ②You have asked for my advice on...and I will try to make some suggestions. 2.主体:提出建议 ①In my opinion,it would be wise for you to take the following action. ②First of all,...;Meanwhile,...;In addition,... ③It’s important for you to... 3.结尾:提出期望 ①Cheer up!Your troubles will soon be over. ②Where there is a will,there is a way. ③Don’t lose heart,whatever happens. ④I will be very glad if you find my suggestions useful. ⑤Please let me know if I can help further. 范文: I quite sympathize with (同情)you and understand the great trouble you are suffering from(遭受) just because the problem you are facing is very common(普遍) among us students.Here are some suggestions for you. Firstly,I suggest(建议) you communicate your trouble with your teachers and classmates so as to(为了) get help from them.Secondly,you are not supposed to(不应该) think about your exams all the time(一直),which only makes you more stressed out.Instead(反之),you should think about the progress(进步) you have made in your study,which will surely increase(增加) your own confidence(自信).In addition(此外),it would be better(这将会更好) for you to do more exercise(做更多的锻炼) in your spare time(在你的空余时间) to relieve (释放)your stress(压力) because sports will also help you sleep better at night. I hope you will get out of(摆脱) your trouble soon and live happily. U4 假定你是李华,你的朋友张柯发e-mail给你,就买什么样的英语词典想听听你的建议。请根据下列提示用英语给他回一封100词左右的e-mail,推荐他买电子词典。 1.方便、快捷; 2.内置多部词典、能发音;3.能储存资料; Dear Zhang Ke, 4.其他?? As for(至于) the problem you put forward(提出) in your last email,I thinkelectronic dictionary(电子词典). There are several factors(因素) leading to(导致) my suggestion(建议). with(随着) the electronic dictionary being much smaller than the common(普通的) one,it is convenient(方便) for you to carry(携带) it wherever going. Additionally(此外),you can get what you want in the electronic dictionary as soon as possible(尽快),for consulting(咨询) this kind of dictionary is really a piece of cake(简单).When meeting with the useful material(材料),you can store(储存) it as much as possible(尽可能多) because there is much RAM(内存)in it.What makes it outstanding(杰出的) from a variety of(各种各样的) others,I think,is that it can give you a vivid(生动形象的),clear and correct(正确的) pronunciation(发音) just like(就像) a teacher standing by you.With(有)so many advantages(好处,利益),why not buy one? Yours, Li Hua 假设你是Rose,你的朋友Jane向你询问如何保持健康,请你根据以下内容给她写一封100词左右的回信。信的开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。 1.注意合理饮食。多吃新鲜蔬菜和水果,鱼、肉、豆类等也要合理食用,甜食不要过量。 2.注意锻炼身体。劳逸结合,多参加体育活动,例如游泳或者跑步。 3.保证充足的睡眠时间。不要熬夜,每天至少睡8个小时。 In your letter you asked me how to Firstly,you should .You’d better(最好) eat different kinds of food,such as fish,meat,beans(豆),fresh vegetables and fruits.However,you shouldn’t eat too many(太多) sweets.Secondly,take enough exercise,for example,swimming and running.Finally,make sure(确保) you have enough sleeping time.You should have no less than(不少于)8 hours’ sleeping time every day.You mustn’t stay up(熬夜) late at night. That’s what I want to tell you about how to keep healthy.I hope my advice can be helpful to your health.篇四:高二英语选修六课程设置 高中英语必修六针对这一阶段的特点,注重扩大基础知识;使之形成较完整的语法知识体系,进一 步提升口头和书面运用英语进行交际的能力,侧重培养阅读能力;除了牢固记忆教学大纲所要求的词汇, 同时需要进行适量课外词汇的拓展记忆,为在高考英语阅读打好良好的基础极其重要的。 篇五:高二英语选六module 5 学案 高二英语必修六module 5导学案 班级 姓名 小组 评价 【 Teaching goals 】 1. To learn something about Cloning and DNA 2 .To summarize the main idea of the passage. 3. To use the language points correctly. 【 Important and difficult points 】 I. To grasp the following words and expressions: transparentgene twisting vice . virtue be identical to be contradictory to. optional treatmentexceptional human being . a sequence of . fundamental componentrely on resist doing sth voluntary code of practice Ⅱ.cut 系列短语under系列短语 Ⅲ.It was in 1866 thatIt is now certain that…What is clear is that…The reason for +名词 is that… 【导学流程】 一、导学预习 1.Work in pairs. Read aloud and try to learn the words by heart. ( SB p64, activity 1.) 2..Scannig: (Activity 3) Work in pairs and answer the questions. What is___? 1. DNA: 2. a clone: 3. a stem cell: 4. the genetic make-up of a person or a plant: 5. bacteria: 6. an enzyme: 二、互动研讨 1. Read the passage again and find the paragraphs which describe: (Activity 4 ) ? b. How to clone something? Paragraphs 2,3(take the DNA from a single cell to create another identical individual) 2.the structure of the passage: 第1页(共3页) 3.Detailed reading I.1). Para. 1 ---Para. 3 2).What is the relationship between DNA and gene? Gene is part of DNA that controls how it develops Ⅱ.P4-7 the advantages and disadvantages of cloning 三、师讲生展 Language points: 1 identical adj 1) 同一的;同样的 (1) We are identical in our views of what should be done. 我们双方对应当怎么办的看法是 。 (2)This is the identical hotel that we stayed in last year. 这就是 。 2) (常与with连用) 完全相同的 第2页(共3页) (1)My opinion is identical with his. 我的意见。 [词汇拓展] identify v. identify sb / sth as sb / sth 确认﹑证明某人[某事物]; 鉴别出(系某人或某物) identify sth with sth 认为某事物与某事物等同 One can’t identify happiness with wealth. 幸福和财富不能混为一谈。 2. resist v 1). 意为“抵抗;反抗;”。如: The rebel army resisted the police. 叛军与警察。 2). 意为“抵御;阻止;抗;耐”。如: For months the company has resisted changing its accounts system. 数月以来,这家公司它的帐目。 This metal resists rust. 这种金属是防锈的。 3). 意为“经得住;不屈从”, 常用于否定句。 can’t resist doing sth. 忍不住做某事 Jill couldn’t resist making jokes about his boldness. 吉尔。 she is overweight, but she can’t ___ _ the temptation to eat more delicious food. A forbid B. attachC. allowD. resist [词汇拓展] resistance n. (不可数)抵抗,对抗;反对, 抵抗力, 阻力 (与to连用) resistant adj 抵抗的,有抵抗力的 A healthy person offers more resistance to disease than a weak person. 身体健康的人对疾病的抵抗力比身体弱的人强。 The seedlings are resistant to cold weather. 这些秧苗有抗寒力。 3. cut 系列短语 under+名词系列短语cut down 杀死;砍到;缩减 under pressure 有压力cut off切断;中断; 停止under construction 建设中cut out删除 = leave out;截取 under use 使用中cut in 插话 under control 掌控之下cut through 刺穿;抄近路走过 under consideration考虑之中 四、训练提升 I.Activities 5-6. II. 1. transparent 透明的 2 gene 基因3 twisting 扭曲的4 vice 缺点5. virtue 优点善行 6. reproduce 复制再现 7. be identical to 和…一致8. be contradictory to 与…截然相 9. optional treatment 可选择的方 10 exceptional human being 杰出人物11. a sequence of 一系列 12. fundamental component 基本成分 第3页,(共3页) 13. insert into 植入 14 rely on 依靠15 resist doing sth 抵制做某事 非官方行医法规 17. biodiversity 生物多样性的 五.课后自主作业 I. Words revision: 1. thin enough to be seen through 2. A pattern of chemicals within the cell of a living thing that controls what it is like3. The same or exactly alike 4. Be likely to cause argument or disagreement5. Can be chosen freely 6. Bad habit or personal quality 7. Can change or be changed to adapt to new needs8. Put into force by orders or by the law9. Useful or simple to use 10. The natural watery liquid produced in the mouth II. 理解并背诵 1.It’s certainly true that in 1953, two scientists discovered the structure of the acid DNA— a transparent twisting ladder made of the fundamental components. 确实,1953年英国剑桥大学的两位科学家沃森和克里克发现了酸性DNA的结构—由生命的基本成分构成的透明弯曲梯状 2.It was in 1866 that Mendel first recorded the results of growing pea plants. 事实上,孟德尔在1866年第一个记录了种植豌豆的结果。 3 In 1973, biochemists Cohen and Boyer discovered a procedure to use enzymes—chemicals formed in the body —— to unzip the DNA ,to cut out a sequence of genes, and finally to insert them into the host cell and combine with its DNA 1973年,生物科学家科恩和博耶发现了如下步骤:利用人体内形成的化学物质酶解旋DNA,截取一定顺序的基因片段,最后把它们植入宿主细胞,使之与其DNA结合。 4 A clone is an organism which is genetically identical to another one. 一个克隆物是基因与另外一个生物个体完全相同的生物体 5. A prize cow which resist bacteria or disease, or to sow a cloned crop which can resist rot or pests. 克隆能抵御细菌或疾病的优选奶牛,种植能够抵抗枯病或虫害的克隆作物。 6. To rely on a few cloned animals or crops would restrict the biodiversity of the breed. 但是仅仅依靠少数几种克隆动植物会限制生物种类的多样性。篇六:高中英语必修6短文填词复习 考点一 :介词 【考点调侃】介词内涵丰富,搭配灵活,是历年高考题中不可缺少的一个项目. 在福建省09年开始考短文填词时,是年年都考,平时月考期末考试更是如此!但属于浮云考点,只要掌握套路,分数轻松拿下,无鸭梨! 【平时考试真题对照】 (2008-2009学年度福州八中第一学期高二期末考试英语试卷) Drug takers may suffer 5 heart attacks. 解析: 考点:介词.答案 from. 难度系数:0.7 试题剖析:(1)此处考查的是动词词组中,动词+介词词组的用法。根据平时的积累,suffer后要接名词, 必须和from构成动词词组,suffer from+ sth, 意为“遭受,忍受某事(痛苦,疾病)” (2)类似常考的包含有from的词组有:from now on, be different from, far(stay, keep,break, be) away from, learn from, stop(keep, prevent,free) sb. From sth/doing, apart from. 这些 都需要大家归纳记忆。 (福州市高二上学期月考英语试卷) _____ time going on, the whole forest was almost destroyed. 解析: 考点:介词,答案 With. 难度系数:0.7 试题剖析:(1)首先,我们观察句子的结构,"the whole forest was almost destroyed”为完整的句子,而设空后为名词+现在分词,不是一个完整的句子,排除考查连词的可能性。 (2)其次,我们可以推出“ time going on”在句中应该充当状语,根据我们的记忆,“with+复合宾语”可以作状语,这是常见的考点。 (3)回顾“with+复合宾语”的用法,with+名词(代词)+形容词/副词/介词短语/动词不定式/现在分词/过去分词/名词 (4)回顾with的其他用法。?和..在一起,由...陪同;?带有,带走,携带;?随着(时间流逝),表伴随状态。 (福州市2009-2010学年第一学期高二模块质量检查) We should read or writebright light and keep proper sitting posture. 解析: 考点:介词,答案 in. 难度系数:0.6 试题剖析:(1)设空处没有任何的提示,我们只能从句意上着手。句意“我们应该()明亮的灯光读书写字, 并且保持正确的坐姿”,根据常识我们可以判断,为“...(在)明亮的灯光(下)...” (2)根据介词的记忆口诀“年、月、季节、周,阳光、灯、影、衣、帽in”以及设空后出现 的单词light"灯",此处应填介词in. (3)回顾in的其他用法。口诀“早,午,晚要用in,将来时态in...以后,小处at大处in。有 形with无形by,语言,单位,材料in,特征,方面与方式,心情,成语惯用in."【高考链接】 (2011福建高考试题)The best way to keep fit is to get plenty exercise by doing sport.. (2010福建高考试题)At meals, I have to eat whatever is the plate regardless of the taste. (2009福建高考试题)Then we start to shape our thoughts our own words. Of / on / in 考点二:动词 【考点调侃】动词是历年高考的重点,福建高考卷每年的单词填空15题中至少会出1-2道,在短文填词中也是年年必考。只要掌握好动词的时态,语态和动词短语,所有的一切都不在话下。 【平时考试真题对照】 (福州市2009-2010学年第一学期高二模块质量检查) When watching TV or using a computer, be sure not to s too long at the screen. 考点:动词短语。答案stare。 难度系数:0.6 试题剖析:(1)根据句子结构,"be sure not to do sth"可以得知此处应填的为动词原形。 (2)根据句意“当看电视,或者使用电脑室,应该确保不(盯着)屏幕太久”,而表示盯着,看着的动词有:look,watch ,view,see, observe,glane,stare.而已s开头的只有stare. (福州一中09-10高二模拟试卷) He a having done wrong. As a result, I forgave him. 考点:动词.答案admitted。 难度系数:0.65 试题剖析:(1)首先,根据句子结构,句子缺少谓语且设空后为动名词,可以得知此处应填的为动词。 (2)根据句意“他(承认)犯了错,因此,我原谅他。”承认的动词有:admit,acknowledge.两次进行辨析。Admit 常常暗含不情愿承认某人的行为或接受不同的观点,以及承认犯错;Acknowledge 表示承担使某事公开的责任。 (3)考查动词时,一定要注意动词的时态问题。因为后面的句子为一般过去时,可以得知设空处动词也应为一般过去时。所以应填admitted. (2008-2009学年度福州八中第一学期高二期末考试英语试卷) When you see drug takers, you s10 call the police. 考点:动词.答案admit。 难度系数:0.65 试题剖析:(1)首先,根据句子结构,句子缺少谓语且设空后为动词原形,可以得知此处应填的为助动词或者情态动词。 (2)根据句意“当你看见吸毒者时,你(应该)打电话给警察。”因此此处答案为情态动词should. (3)回顾should的用法。?可表示对事情的推测,意为应该。?用于Why/how+should结构表示说话人对某事不能理解,感到意外,惊异等意思,意为“竟会”?should+have done结构,意为“本应该做某事”。 【高考链接】 (2011福建高考试题)The more sport they do, the happier they will f____. (2010福建高考试题)Of course, they don’t n____ to return the favor because I’m totallyuninterested in their things. (2009福建高考试题)I hope you will b____ a lot from the advice above. feel / need / benefit 考点三:形容词和副词 【考点调侃】对于形容词和副词的考查,近五年高考年年考,福建省高考每年至少考到一题,重点考查形容词和副词的比较级、最高级及形容词和副词之间的转换。 【平时考试真题对照】 (2008-2009学年度福州八中第一学期高二期末考试英语试卷) June 26th is the 1 (国际的)Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking every year and it aims to keep people from drugs. 考点:形容词, International 难度系数:0.55 试题剖析:本题难度不大,根据句意和中文提示就可以得出答案为International,但需要特别注意的是(1)这里International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit(国际禁毒日)作为专有名词必须吧 international的首字母改为大写形式。(2)注意一些以al作结尾的形容词如:emotional情绪化的;equal平等的;special特别的;central中心的;agricultural农业的;electrical电的;facial面部的; fundamental基本的;global全球的;personal个人的;racial种族的;theoretical理论的;typical典型的;mental心理的,智力的 (福州市2010—2011学年第一学期期末高二模块测试) After that,be picked up the_____(脏) bill and said, “who still want it.” 考点:形容词,dirty 难度系数:0.6 试题剖析:(1)根据形容词名前be后原则可知设空修饰名词bill,故填形容词(2)根据中文提示得出答案。 (福州一中09-10高二模拟试卷) It is that chemical factory that gives off a lot of _____(有毒) gas every day. 考点:形容词,poisonous 难度系数:0.6 试题剖析:(1)根据形容词名前be后原则可知设空修饰名词gas,故知填形容词(2)根据中文提示得出答案。需要注意的是以ous为结尾的一类形容词表示 “具有?的”;“实行?的”;“像?的”,“具有?特征的”,如dangerous,generous,famous,various等。 【高考链接】 (2011福建高考试题)It helps people work _____(密切) and smoothly and think about others, not just themselves. (2011福建高考试题)Fitness is i____ if you want to be healthy throughout your life. (2010福建高考试题)I have to practice _____ than double the time. (2009福建高考试题)Firstly, we should read the topic c____ and organize our ideas. Closelyimportant more carefully 考点四:代词 【考点调侃】代词的考查点是人称代词,物主代词,反身代词,指示代词,疑问代词,不定代词。福建省在短文题词中,考查代词年年考,只是考查代词形式不同,只要牢记各种代词的用法,神马难题都是浮云! 【平时考试真题对照】 (福州市高二上学期月考英语试卷)As a result, sandstorms strike us now and then, from _____ we suffer a lot. 考点:关系代词。答案为which. 难度系数:0.6 试题剖析:对于定语从句的关系代词的考查,首先判断先行词,为物,其次判断空格后面的句子成分是否完整,如果有主谓宾不全,则用关系代词:which,that,who, whose, whom,因为此处缺少的是宾语,所以填which。还要注意的就是有动词短语的可以把介词提前。 (福州市2010—2011学年第一学期期末高二模块测试) Most of ___ put up our hands quickly. 考点:人称代词。答案为us. 难度系数:0.7 试题剖析:这里考查的是人称代词,参照前文的提示以及句意,此处的句意为 “我们大多数的人很快的举起手来 ”。在动词介词后,人称代词应该用宾格。要注意人称代词主格和宾格的用法。这是在短文填词中的易考点。 (福州市2009-2010学年第一学期高二模块质量检查) It’s necessary to relax ____ eyes from time to time. 考点:形容词性物主代词。答案为our. 难度系数:0.7 试题剖析:这里考查的是形容词性物主代词,参照前文的提示以及句意,此处的句意为 “我们不时的放松我们的双眼是有必要的”,所以填our。要注意名词性物主代词和形容词性物主代词的用法。记住:形容词性物主代词后面一定要加名词,而名词性物主代词可以单独做主语,宾语,表语。 【高考链接】 (2011福建高考试题)It helps people work closely (密切) and smoothly and think about ___, not just themselves. (2010福建高考试题)My sisters only try one bite if it’s not ____favorite food. (2009福建高考试题)It is very important to read them aloud to _____(自己) or someone else from beginning to end. Others /their / ourselves 考点五:非谓语 【考点调侃】非谓语可谓命题专家手中的一员大将,想要通关高考就必须拿下非谓语这只拦路虎,非谓语考察形式多样,结构复杂,内涵丰富,功能较多,最能体现英语独特的形式特征。在高考中,为了显示它的独特性,年年必秀,高二必修六英语作文所谓掌握了相关的知识点,神马拦路虎都是纸老虎。 【考点万能套路解析】 非谓语三步走: 1.谓非谓(找连词)2.主动还是被动(找逻辑主语)3.动作发生的先后顺序 (2008-2009学年度福州八中第一学期高二期末考试) T 4drugs increases people’s heart rate and blood pressure. 考点:非谓语。答案为taking. 难度系数:0.7 试题剖析:这里考查的就是动名词做主语,因为句子中出现了increase这个动词,所以take要用非谓语动词的形式,所谓一山不容二虎。而且根据T的首字母的提示,因此此处应填taking。 (2008-2009学年度福州八中第一学期高二期末考试英语试卷) It is easy for drug takers to become 6 (对?有瘾的) to drugs, Drugs cost people much money. 考点:非谓语。答案为addicted.难度系数:0.65 试题剖析:题干为系表结构,填写过去分词做表语,再根据中文提示得出答案addicted。有些表示“变成”,“保持”,“感觉”等意义的多次有系动词的特征,课余某县现在分词或过去分词构成主系表结构,例如:appear,become,come,feel, grow, remain, stay等。 (福州市2009-2010学年第一学期高二模块质量检查) I think it is important to take the f____ advice. 考点:非谓语。答案为following 难度系数:0.6 试题剖析:本题考查现在分词做定语考点,现在分词做定语,表示动作正在进行或与谓语多次所表示的动作几乎同时发生,或表示某个经常的动作或状态。例如:A rolling stone gathers no moss. (滚石不生苔,转行不聚财) 【高考链接】 (2011福建高考试题)they will not give up so easily when _____(面对)difficulties. (2010福建高考试题)Worst of all, I get a larger quantity of homework,_______(对比) to them. (2009福建高考试题)Then we start to shape our thoughts in our own words and finish our writing in the g____ time. Facing / compared / given 考点六:连词 【考点调侃】连词是英语词法类别中的一大项, 它在英语词法类别中扮演着重要角色,而且连词的使用频率非常高,可以说是倍受高考青睐。首先清楚各个连词的用法,其次在做题时,应分析设空前后句子的关系,以便选择合适的连词。 【平时考试真题对照】 (福州市2010—2011学年第一学期期末高二模块测试) You still wanted it b____ it was still worth $ 10. 考点:连词。答案为because. 难度系数:0.7 试题剖析:考查连词because的用法。首先要分析设空前后句子的关系,此处设空前后句意为因果关系,而且根据首字母b的提示,因此此处应填连词because。此外还要记住表示原因的介词短语because of。 (福州市高二英语上学期月考试卷2) 考点:连词。答案为while. 难度系数:0.7 试题剖析:考查连词while的用法。首先要分析设空前后句子的关系,此处设空前后句意为转折关系,而且根据首字母w的提示,因此此处应填连词while,意为“然而,但是”,表示前后对照,说明两种情况相反。还要记住,while引导的是状语从句,在时间状语从句中。用的是持续性动词,表时间的一段,而不是一点。 【高考链接】 (2011福建高考试题) These qualities help people achieve their goals b_____ they will not give up so easily. (2010福建高考试题)In addition, w__ it comes to practicing our musical instruments. (2010福建龙岩质检)I’ll get in touch with them ___ you show interest in this school.Because / when / if 考查点七:名词 【考点调侃】本  篇:《龙8国际_龙8娱乐_龙8国际娱乐平台》来源于:龙8国际_龙8娱乐_龙8国际娱乐平台 优秀范文,论文网站
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